Layered Security: Best Infrastructure Practices for 2016

Building a network infrastructure today is entirely different from the infrastructures just a decade ago. Many systems are now moving to cloud-based or hybrid environments and security has become a paramount concern. Not only are networks today more vulnerable than ever due to the Internet of Things and mobile devices, but there are also a

Government Security Breaches: 4 Lessons Learned

Public agencies should ostensibly have the best security out there — after all, they’re protecting large volumes of confidential information. Nevertheless, there have been many high profile government security breaches lately, from the Secretary of State to the IRS. Here are a few of the major lessons that have been learned for both public and

Mobile Cybersecurity Trends for The International Enterprise

Education and a state of advanced preparedness are the easiest ways for international enterprises to protect against malicious cybersecurity attacks. By taking an “offensive” approach to cybersecurity, international enterprises can more effectively protect national, as well as international business data from the tenacious efforts of hackers. Going forward, it is important that enterprises learn from their predecessors,

Samsung’s New Investment in IoT: What It Means for the CIO

Samsung recently announced a plan to invest $1.2 billion in the Internet of Things industry. Specifically, Samsung is interested in human-centric IoT startups and research, and its investments will occur over the next four years. This investment has led many to wonder which direction Samsung is headed in and whether they may be working on

Healthcare Industry is the Most-Targeted by Cyberattackers says Survey

“Electronic health records are prime targets because healthcare organizations lack the resources, processes, and technologies to protect them. And it’s only going to get worse”…InformationWeek, OnLine Commentary by Rick Kam and Larry Ponemon, May 27, 2015 The scary prediction posited by the above quote has already become reality, according to 63 percent of those who

Designing a Medical-Grade Network

Healthcare organizations have a variety of unique needs when it comes to their network and IT infrastructure. For this reason, it’s always been difficult for healthcare organizations to adopt modern technology standards — not only is privacy a major concern, but so is the access and availability of care. For healthcare organizations to best transition

Delphix Launches Data Masking For App Dev Security

Data security is rapidly becoming one of the most important features when it comes to development, both for the business and the consumer market. Nevertheless, it can be a challenge to program around the needs for data security, especially when it comes to testing. Traditionally, testing scenarios often use “garbage data” — random data fields

A Report Claims the FBI Paid Hackers To Crack iPhone Encryption

Early in 2016, the FBI requested that Apple unlock an iPhone that they believed was directly linked to terroristic activities. In the highly publicized case, Apple refused, citing security and privacy concerns. Nevertheless, the FBI ultimately was able to break into the iPhone and acquire the data without Apple’s help. New reports claim that the

Could a Paris-Style Simultaneous Multi-Pronged Attack Happen in the Digital World?

Along with physical terrorism, the Charlie Hebdo attacks have renewed concerns about digital terrorism. There is actually no question that terrorists also could use cyberspace as a battleground because they already have. In fact, the number and intensity of cyberattacks definitely increased in France in the days following the multi-pronged Paris attacks. According to CBS

U.S. House Moves for Search Warrant Requirement to Access Stored Data

Citizens may be able to recapture some of the privacy related to their documents following the new Email Privacy Act. The U.S. House of Representatives recently introduced a new bill which would give privacy protections to both email and cloud-stored data. Law enforcement agencies have been fighting to access this data for the purposes of

10 High-Profile Security Breaches of the Past 20 Years and What We’ve Learned

Security breaches occur in organizations of all sizes, affecting merchants, payment processors and government agencies. These incidents can be costly in terms of loss of sensitive information as well as monetary damages to the organization. However, careful analysis of the situation can lead to improved security measures. Below are 10 high profile security breaches that

Securing data management in the public cloud using private storage

The modern CIO is swiftly finding that public cloud services are no longer optional. It’s not only that public cloud resources make businesses more competitive — it’s also that essential and necessary applications are being moved to cloud environments, forcing many organizations to either adopt cloud solutions or rely upon legacy systems. But how are