Eight Mobile App Management Questions You Must Answer Before Developing a Mobile App

Organizations that struggle with how to get a mobile app built often get stuck trying to piece together a mobile app management framework after-the-fact. The gaps they’ve left open could have significant impact on the security of their data, and ultimately the ROI for their mobile app. They need to begin with the end in mind. Check out App47’s recent editorial about the Eight Mobile App Management Questions you Must Answer Before Developing a Mobile App. Fill out the form to your right to download

Five Steps to Worry-Free Endpoint Backup and Data Migration


Eliminate Data Loss Risk by Protecting All Enterprise Information

Today’s organizations face a ballooning data management and risk problem. The use of laptops, tablets, workstations, servers and smartphones in the enterprise- all from a variety of vendors running various operating systems and software applications- continues to grow. Before undertaking a data migration initiative, it’s critical to understand and implement a comprehensive endpoint backup solution. Without it, your company’s data is threatened, and you knowingly are engaging in a very real, very expensive, disaster recovery possibility. Check out Code42’s recent editorial about the 5 steps to a worry-free endpoint backup and data migration.
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The Shipper’s Guide to Better Zen

When it comes to finding a freight audit and payment partner, take a close look at your objectives, assess your company’s priorities, and then review the practices of your prospective freight audit and payment partners. The value that tips in favor of one provider over another will be found in the core business process they employ. Check out SSI’s recent publication about finding the right freight payment and audit firm for your company.

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Insider Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Your Database

Big Data currently captures a lion’s share of high tech news space, yet there are two other aspects to data that are straining the limits of both computing hardware and software: the increasing complexity of data, and the analysis speeds needed to stay competitive. Part of the complexity is due to the proliferating sources of data available. Multiple data feeds can give even a Fortune 100 company more varied data than they can handle. Because of this, the database landscape has many examples of programming working to get past the information retrieval limitations of traditional RDBMS and SQL.

4 Data Security Techniques For Your Application

There is no single set of best practices for securing all applications. There are general ideas that you should consider, but how you implement those ideas will depend on the coding language you employ, the platform/s your app will run on, where you are hosting the app, the type of data your app collects, and how it uses and manipulates that data. Basic risk management tells us that any app that collects monetizable data is also an app that will be targeted by criminals. You will need to pay careful attention to how you secure collected data at capture, at rest, and in transit. The app’s code needs to be clean; the servers that house it and its data must be secure.

Three Web App Development Trends a CTO Needs To Master

You should never expect to find a one-size-fits-all answer to any question or a single elegant solution to the problems that inevitably arise in app development. Above all, a CTO must master the ability to be both decisive and flexible, to evaluate the environment and the team and have both the expertise and ingenuity to solve context-specific obstacles as they occur. A successful app is built as much on code as it is on strong leadership.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Database