Mobile Cybersecurity Trends for The International Enterprise

Education and a state of advanced preparedness are the easiest ways for international enterprises to protect against malicious cybersecurity attacks. By taking an “offensive” approach to cybersecurity, international enterprises can more effectively protect national, as well as international business data from the tenacious efforts of hackers. Going forward, it is important that enterprises learn from their predecessors,

Samsung’s New Investment in IoT: What It Means for the CIO

Samsung recently announced a plan to invest $1.2 billion in the Internet of Things industry. Specifically, Samsung is interested in human-centric IoT startups and research, and its investments will occur over the next four years. This investment has led many to wonder which direction Samsung is headed in and whether they may be working on

10 Tools to Help Build Mobile Apps at Lightning Speed

Developing mobile apps can be challenging and costly. Coding an app from start to finish often involves months of work. Fortunately, a number of innovative companies have recognized the need for fast, easy to use tools for building mobile apps. Here are 10 mobile development tools that require little or no code that you can

Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Software Stack

Mobile apps are one of the newest and most prolific trends in the world of enterprise IT, but that doesn’t mean that the transition is occurring smoothly. Mobile apps are undeniably a part of the corporate world, whether or not they are supported internally. This has led to a wide array of both benefits and

60 Billion Messages a Day are Processed by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – 3X More than SMS

Facebook Messenger and the popular mobile application WhatsApp now process three times as many messages as traditional text-based SMS messaging — and this number is growing ever higher. Consumers have shifted away from SMS messaging for numerous reasons: cost, privacy concerns, and convenience. Messaging services such as Messenger and WhatsApp provide consolidated, easy-to-use instant messaging systems

A Report Claims the FBI Paid Hackers To Crack iPhone Encryption

Early in 2016, the FBI requested that Apple unlock an iPhone that they believed was directly linked to terroristic activities. In the highly publicized case, Apple refused, citing security and privacy concerns. Nevertheless, the FBI ultimately was able to break into the iPhone and acquire the data without Apple’s help. New reports claim that the

Top VoIP Providers for Traveling Executives

Voice over Internet Protocol, usually called VoIP, offers a way to make phone calls over the Internet. Of course, today’s business VoIP providers offer tools to hold online tools to hold online meetings, collaborate, and more. The technology has matured enough to make this solution portable, flexible, and usually less expensive than landlines or mobile

Prepping Your IT Environment for a Virtual Workforce

Employers are increasingly seeing the benefits of working with virtual employees. Virtual employees can be sourced from anywhere and don’t require an expensive investment in physical infrastructure. They can work while they’re on the go and they are genuinely more satisfied with their work. Often, they can even work more hours because they don’t need to commute.

Top 5 Smart Watches for Tech-Savvy Executives

PC World published a rather ironic piece about the thoughts that the executives of traditional watchmakers have about smart watches. It’s probably unsurprising that these high-end watchmakers have described most smart watches as plastic-looking, geeky, and not at all in line with boardroom fashion. Companies like TAG Heuer, Bulova, and Citizen take pride in the

5 Tools to Secure Mobile Data

No matter how well you have battened down the technological hatches within the walls of your business, you will probably always worry about managing your business’s mobile security to some degree. While you understand the strong value that mobile technology offers your company, in terms of customer engagement and staff effectiveness via accessibility and convenience,

Is BYOD Dead? (Spoiler Alert: No, it isn’t!)

BYOD (bring your own device) is not dead. It’s not even at the zombie state. Researchers don’t agree on how much BYOD–sanctioned or surreptitious–is going on, but there are indicators. According to a piece, The BYOD debate is not over: “nearly half” of all businesses by 2017 will require their employees to use a

Google Rewrites Angular Javascript Framework

Google has re-written its angular JavaScript framework, adding some sophisticated and useful functionality for developers. Angular 2 JavaScript is designed to be particularly useful for those who are interested in developing mobile applications, particularly for the Android and iOS operating systems. There are many improvements that have been made from Angular JavaScript 1 to Angular