Layered Security: Best Infrastructure Practices for 2016

Building a network infrastructure today is entirely different from the infrastructures just a decade ago. Many systems are now moving to cloud-based or hybrid environments and security has become a paramount concern. Not only are networks today more vulnerable than ever due to the Internet of Things and mobile devices, but there are also a

Designing a Medical-Grade Network

Healthcare organizations have a variety of unique needs when it comes to their network and IT infrastructure. For this reason, it’s always been difficult for healthcare organizations to adopt modern technology standards — not only is privacy a major concern, but so is the access and availability of care. For healthcare organizations to best transition

To mesh or not to mesh: Selecting the top WiFi solution for your office

The network topology is one of the first things businesses of all sizes consider when planning their workspace, because without an Internet connection, where are you? Developing a network communication solution is a complex endeavor, though. There is much to think about, but the network infrastructure tops the list for most IT departments. With mesh

Integrating your on-premise infrastructure with the cloud

“Firms that successfully integrate clouds and existing IT infrastructure can achieve agility, flexibility and transformation that was unimaginable a few years ago.” – Integrating Clouds Into the IT Infrastructure, by Samuel Greengard Most, if not all, businesses are already using the cloud to some extent, but have not yet integrated in the literal meaning of

Top VoIP Providers for Enterprise Networks

Voice over Internet Protocol, usually referred to as VoIP, has evolved over the last decade to rival other communications solutions for enterprise networks. Not only are these systems usually cheaper than old-fashioned phone systems, companies can enjoy the benefits of having them integrated into a unified communication system, or UC, that can provide tools for

Spending for Big Data Will Approach $49 Billion by 2019

As reported by CIO, International Data Corp predicted that spending for big data will approach $49 billion a year by 2019. This means that the research firm believes that spending will increase an incredible 23% each year between 2016 and 2019. This is a compounded figure, so the increase each year is expected to average

A Look at the Top 10 Software-Defined Network Providers

Software-defined networks (SDN) are steadily becoming more popular – and that’s led to a significant increase in providers. Just like cloud hosting a decade ago, many IT companies have moved into the SDN space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can offer the best service. Here are a few of the best software-defined network

Scaling locally: Building your own private cloud

The benefits of cloud computing are well known at this point. Companies hand off responsibilities for support and maintenance to an organization that specializes in providing those services. In the cloud, virtualized environments allow multiple companies to share servers and storage devices and to provision new environments on demand. Companies pay only for their usage.

Tips for Standardizing Your Company on Mac or PC

Forcing Mac users to abandon their beloved operating system seems cruel. PC people may be less enamored of Windows, seeing it as just a means to an end, but pushing them onto the Mac platform will waste valuable time spent learning the system. So, assuming you have a mix of Macs and PCs in your

Using Mobile Devices for Your Employees in The Field

Have you suddenly noticed that mobile workers in your company have adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy? You’re not alone, the presence of unsanctioned personal mobile devices in business settings is growing by the moment. It’s a situation that greatly complicates compliance with data security regulations and internal governance guidelines, as well as

9 Data Center Management Emerging Best Practices

You may already have a robust information governance or green plan, or you may have them on your to-do list. Reducing data redundancy may be a no-go in your industry. The list below is not a checklist to be methodically worked through from beginning to end, but a way to help you evaluate your needs