10 Tools to Help Build Mobile Apps at Lightning Speed

Developing mobile apps can be challenging and costly. Coding an app from start to finish often involves months of work. Fortunately, a number of innovative companies have recognized the need for fast, easy to use tools for building mobile apps. Here are 10 mobile development tools that require little or no code that you can

Do Your Employees Want to Use Your Enterprise Apps? Here’s How to Get Them to.

Enterprise apps are a driving force of productivity in the modern office — but when employees don’t want to use them, problems can arise. If enterprise apps aren’t suited to an employee’s needs, they will often self-service with third-party solutions. This can lead to security breaches and efficiency issues, in addition to invalidating the investment

Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Software Stack

Mobile apps are one of the newest and most prolific trends in the world of enterprise IT, but that doesn’t mean that the transition is occurring smoothly. Mobile apps are undeniably a part of the corporate world, whether or not they are supported internally. This has led to a wide array of both benefits and

Delphix Launches Data Masking For App Dev Security

Data security is rapidly becoming one of the most important features when it comes to development, both for the business and the consumer market. Nevertheless, it can be a challenge to program around the needs for data security, especially when it comes to testing. Traditionally, testing scenarios often use “garbage data” — random data fields

A Few Poignant Revelations from the GitHub Developer Survey

The best developers in the world are on GitHub, making GitHub’s developer surveys one of the most uniquely powerful ways to determine the trends that are moving the industry. In 2015, Github was able to poll over 26,000 developers ranging throughout a total of 157 countries. The results of this poll are likely to shape the

Tired of your application breaking? Implement configuration management

Applications are designed to run in a specific operating system; they depend on specific libraries and third-party products being installed. They’ll break if any component’s missing, or if the wrong version is installed. For organizations with hundreds or thousands of servers, maintaining consistent configurations is a significant challenge. Keeping servers consistent requires tracking the deployment

10 Incredible Developer Tools to Kick Your Workflow into Overdrive

As a developer, you know that the majority of your job is about getting the most done in the least amount of time. It’s not always enough to produce a polished finished product — you need to be able to produce fast. A craftsman is only as good as his tools; if you want to improve your workflow, you

Designing Self-Healing Applications Using Container-Based Deployments

Self-healing applications vastly improve upon productivity and security, while also reducing the overall costs associated with IT. Container-based deployments can make it easier for applications to self heal without intervention from an engineer or an administrator. In more advanced systems, self-healing can also include optimization, configuration, and improvement; learning applications with rudimentary AI. The Importance

Google Rewrites Angular Javascript Framework

Google has re-written its angular JavaScript framework, adding some sophisticated and useful functionality for developers. Angular 2 JavaScript is designed to be particularly useful for those who are interested in developing mobile applications, particularly for the Android and iOS operating systems. There are many improvements that have been made from Angular JavaScript 1 to Angular

HHVM as A PHP Runtime Alternative

Have a need for speed? Then you have probably already switched to HHVM, Facebook’s open-source PHP runtime engine. And you may, or will soon, be coding with Hack. It’s hard to argue with the dazzling performance metrics for Facebook’s alternative to the omnipresent open-source PHP package. Combine it with Hack, a programming language developed by


Deciding which architecture is the right one for a specific project may seem like a huge headache. So how do you quickly choose between MVVM, MVP, and MVC? Short answer: your platform determines which model is best. For the longer answer, read on. First let’s define the names: Model-View-View Model is MVVM, Model-View-Presenter is MVP,

Ruby on Rails vs PHP Laravel

Finally, a breakdown for the Ruby on Rails vs PHP Laravel debate! If you know these two programs, you also know it’s not really fair to compare them. Both Rails and Laravel are frameworks for their associate programming languages. They are two means to an end, each with its own web development ecosystem and its