Big Data and Brexit: How Finance Analysis Reacts to Global Events

Big data analysis is generally designed to take advantage of large global trends. Through big data, financial analysts are able to look for patterns over very long periods of time. But how does big data and financial analysis react to large world view events such as Brexit? Technical Investing and World News Trading There are

The Need for Data Governance in Sensitive Industries

Whether you manage data for an industry such as healthcare, government or finance, you of course know that you need to take certain measures to steel your system against potential threats.  The need for data governance in these and other sensitive industries is critical since you and your IT team are the stewards of your

The Banking Industry and Cloud Computing

Banking and financial organizations have been steadily improving their technology to provide a more modern system to their customers. In recent years, many banks have begun adopting cloud technology as a way to improve their internal business operations and provide better accessibility to their consumers. Though there may be some concerns regarding system security, cloud

How the Best Mergers & Acquisitions Specimens Excel at Technology Integration

Integration is the most important aspect of any acquisition or merger, yet very few acquirers are able to finesse their integration in a way that doesn’t result in some significant disruption. The more smoothly two companies are able to integrate, the more value will be able to be retained within both businesses. Those who work in acquisitions