Big Data and Brexit: How Finance Analysis Reacts to Global Events

Big data analysis is generally designed to take advantage of large global trends. Through big data, financial analysts are able to look for patterns over very long periods of time. But how does big data and financial analysis react to large world view events such as Brexit? Technical Investing and World News Trading There are

Integrating Business Analytics into the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is widely regarded to be a complication for most IT professionals — but it can also be a boon to those who are on the data side of things. The IoT can be used to collect large amounts of data over a tremendous network canvas, and this data can be used

Big Data Analytics and How it’s Used in Practice

By now most enterprises know that big data is essential to the modern organization — but not everyone knows how big data should be used or how to get started. At its simplest, big data analytics offers the ability to identify patterns, making it easier for enterprises to make educated and informed decisions on all levels of their

Leveraging Big Data to Drive Better Human Performance

Big data can be used to improve all levels of organizational efficiency, not just those that deal with physical assets and logistics. As a way to identify patterns and predict future performance, big data can also be used to improve upon a company’s relationship with its human resources. Through big data, organizations can improve the

The Need for Data Governance in Sensitive Industries

Whether you manage data for an industry such as healthcare, government or finance, you of course know that you need to take certain measures to steel your system against potential threats.  The need for data governance in these and other sensitive industries is critical since you and your IT team are the stewards of your

Only Half the Data that Marketing Needs is Being Provided by Big Data

Recently, the Harvard Business Journal published an article about Big Data and the volume of data it’s providing marketing departments and we wanted to add our own two cents. Just a few years ago, many enterprises discovered that they were collecting far more data than they could reliably use. Now, the opposite issue has occurred —

How Big Data is Improving Patient Outcomes

Hospitals throughout the world have been working to integrate big data analysis and storage into their medical systems. With the modern shift towards electronic health records and mobile health management, the medical industry is now able to collect and analyze more data than ever before. Through this information, medical professionals may be able to acquire

IBM Watson and the Internet of Things

Lots of people have been introduced to Watson, the voice of IBM’s cognitive computing effort. For the general public, the first exposure may have been from watching Watson play Jeopardy and chat with celebrities in such a humanlike manner that it’s tempting to write he and not it when referring to this example of machine

How Amazon Echo on the Alexa Engine Could Change Our Lives

From music to sports, the Amazon Echo is designed to function as a “personal assistant” for daily life. Powered by the Alexa Voice Engine, the Amazon Echo is able to successfully parse voice commands, responding to queries and completing basic tasks such as scheduling. But the true capabilities of the Amazon Echo go beyond checking

Spending for Big Data Will Approach $49 Billion by 2019

As reported by CIO, International Data Corp predicted that spending for big data will approach $49 billion a year by 2019. This means that the research firm believes that spending will increase an incredible 23% each year between 2016 and 2019. This is a compounded figure, so the increase each year is expected to average

5 Reasons Your Data Science Programs Are Failing

Are your data science programs failing to yield the expected results? In recent years, many organizations have invested in data science programs and data analytics, in the hopes of better optimizing their business operations and meeting revenue objectives. But data science programs don’t work overnight, and they aren’t always easy — there are some issues

Dedicated Database Servers

When evaluating the benefits of a dedicated database server, improved application performance tends to be considered an obvious automatic benefit. And in general, devoting more capabilities to any application will result in better performance. This seems too obvious to point out, but it’s a foundational truth and must be mentioned: much of the application-performance benefits