Layered Security: Best Infrastructure Practices for 2016

Building a network infrastructure today is entirely different from the infrastructures just a decade ago. Many systems are now moving to cloud-based or hybrid environments and security has become a paramount concern. Not only are networks today more vulnerable than ever due to the Internet of Things and mobile devices, but there are also a

Samsung’s New Investment in IoT: What It Means for the CIO

Samsung recently announced a plan to invest $1.2 billion in the Internet of Things industry. Specifically, Samsung is interested in human-centric IoT startups and research, and its investments will occur over the next four years. This investment has led many to wonder which direction Samsung is headed in and whether they may be working on

Protecting Against the Perils of Self-Service IT

Self-service IT is one of the most frustrating dangers for IT professionals to encounter today. Many employees — rather than connecting with their IT help desk — instead decide to try to solve their problems on their own. Though this can create a faster solution, it usually involves security workarounds and other issues that could

The Vanishing Help Desk: Why Help Desk Employees Are More Important Than Ever

Why are help desk employees so hard to find? It was just a few years ago when help desks were the most prolific entry level position in IT. New college graduates clamored for help desk positions and it was always easy to find someone to fill one. Many companies operated extensive help desk departments. Today,

Big Data Analytics and How it’s Used in Practice

By now most enterprises know that big data is essential to the modern organization — but not everyone knows how big data should be used or how to get started. At its simplest, big data analytics offers the ability to identify patterns, making it easier for enterprises to make educated and informed decisions on all levels of their

Leveraging Big Data to Drive Better Human Performance

Big data can be used to improve all levels of organizational efficiency, not just those that deal with physical assets and logistics. As a way to identify patterns and predict future performance, big data can also be used to improve upon a company’s relationship with its human resources. Through big data, organizations can improve the

Are Your IT Systems and Organizations Prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly expanding — and so are the associated security threats. For many IT departments, the Internet of Things represents just one of many modern security issues that need to be addressed. But the IoT is one of the fastest growing threats throughout the new IT infrastructure and directly impacts all

Cloud Trends for the Rest of 2016

What if you had to look forward to increasing your net worth to $136 billion for the remainder of 2016? That would be in addition to the $68 billion gains you made during the first fourth months of the year. Congratulations. Your total net worth of $204 Billion for 2016 would exactly match the projected

Only Half the Data that Marketing Needs is Being Provided by Big Data

Recently, the Harvard Business Journal published an article about Big Data and the volume of data it’s providing marketing departments and we wanted to add our own two cents. Just a few years ago, many enterprises discovered that they were collecting far more data than they could reliably use. Now, the opposite issue has occurred —

How the Best Mergers & Acquisitions Specimens Excel at Technology Integration

Integration is the most important aspect of any acquisition or merger, yet very few acquirers are able to finesse their integration in a way that doesn’t result in some significant disruption. The more smoothly two companies are able to integrate, the more value will be able to be retained within both businesses. Those who work in acquisitions

What are the Highest Paying Jobs in IT These Days?

From multinational corporations buying and selling goods throughout the world to school kids posting social media pics with smartphones, the world survives on information that is stored and managed. Small wonder that IT jobs are expected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, which is faster than average according to the US Department of

This from Gartner: Worldwide IT Spending Will Decline in 2016

“Worldwide IT spending is forecast to total $3.49 trillion in 2016, a decline of 0.5 percent over 2015 spending of $3.5 trillion, according to Gartner, Inc.”…From the Gartner online Newsroom, April 7, 2016 Gartner is the E.F. Hutton of worldwide IT trends. When Gartner talks, Global IT and business executives listen. They look to Gartner’s